Better Glitter Shoe How-To

glitter shoe how-to : i live life betterI bought this amazing pair of shoes from Mod Cloth over a year ago. I didn’t actually note the height of the heel when making the purchase, not that that would have changed my mind, but they are a hot 5.5″ – making me a good 6’1″ when I wear them. So, they aren’t what you’d call, “work appropriate” or anything, but I love them. Look, they’re amazing.

glitter shoe how-to : i live life betterNot only are they amazing, they are surprisingly comfortable due to that platform there. Which is why I felt it would be a good idea to wear them out last New Year’s Eve to kiss 2011 good-bye. I completely forgot that the establishment we’d chosen for the evening had a gravel floor – that or, in a fog of shoe hubris, I insisted I could flawlessly walk and dance on gravel in 5.5″ suede heels. Who remembers? The moral of the story is that I did some damage to my fabulous shoes. See?

repairing shoes with glitter : i live life betterIt’s awful, I know. So, I looked at a shoe-glittering tutorial or two and got to work. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • a busted up old pair of shoes (or just shoes you want to put glitter on)
  • glitter
  • Mod Podge
  • popsicle sticks
  • a bowl you don’t mind having glitter in forever
  • a paint brush
  • a drop cloth of some kind – I used cheap wrapping paper leftover from Christmas/the celebration of the birth of Mithras

glitter shoe how-to : i live life better

One of the tutorials I read said that you should mix the Mod Podge and the glitter in a bowl and paint in on the shoes to avoid a big glittery, Liberace mess. I thought it was a great idea, until I saw the result:

glitter glue on shoe : i live life betterI mean, that is some bullshit, right? Not nearly enough glitter. So, I decided to go with the more sensible approach of covering a small area with Mod Podge and then pouring the glitter all over it. Which, creates a much bigger mess but is also much more effective. Observe:

glitter shoe how-to: i live life betterThen, you just keep going; painting and pouring, painting and pouring, until you have as much of the shoes covered in glitter as you want. All you have to do then is let them sit and dry. I don’t really know how long. I painted mine in the morning and they were ready to wear out that night. I DID leave a trail of glitter behind me everywhere I went, but I’d like to think I do that all the time – with my personality. HA! VOMIT! Seriously, though – there is still quite a bit of gold glitter on the floor of our car but it was just the excess – the shoes are still sufficiently covered. I will probably have to do touch-ups every now and then, but that’s OK.

glitter shoe how-to : i live life better


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